Lisa J. Yarde writes fiction inspired by history

Lisa J. Yarde is the author of two historical novels set in medieval England and Normandy, On Falcon’s Wings, featuring a star-crossed romance between Norman and Saxon lovers before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and The Burning Candle, based on the life of the first countess of Leicester and Surrey, Isabel de Vermandois, progenitor of royal and non-noble lines still living today. 

Lisa has also completed a six-part series set in Moorish Spain, SultanaSultana’s Legacy, Sultana: Two SistersSultana: The Bride PriceSultana: The Pomegranate Tree, and Sultana: The White Mountainswhere rivalries and ambitions threaten the fragile bonds between members of the last Muslim dynasty to rule in Europe. The first title in the series is currently translated into four languages. Lisa's short story, The Legend Rises, chronicles the Welsh princess Gwenllian of Gwynedd's valiant fight against twelfth-century English invaders and is also available now. 

Born in Barbados, Lisa currently lives in New York City. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society, has been a presenter at its 2015 Denver conference and serves as the co-chair of the Historical Novel Society – New York City chapter. She is also a member of Historical Writers of America and The Alliance of Independent Authors. Lisa is also an avid blogger and moderates at Unusual Historicals. She has also been a contributor at Great Historicals and History & Women. Her personal blog is The Brooklyn Scribbler

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