Historical Fiction

Order of the Dragon (2020) 

Long before the historic Prince Vlad Dracula terrorized medieval imaginations, his father Prince Vladislav, whom friends and foes came to know as Vlad Dracul, struggled for control of Romania/medieval Wallachia’s destiny. To understand disparate accounts of Prince Vlad Dracula’s life, you must learn about his father.

Young Prince Vladislav, born and raised in the royal court of Wallachia at Curtea de Argeş, held no claim to power. As a third son, he lingered far too long in the shadows of others favored by his father Mircea the Great, who named his eldest son Mihail as co-ruler and heir apparent. But what Vladislav lacked in easy access to the Wallachian throne, he made up for in ambition. His pursuits gained him love and loyalty. Through his royal warden in Hungary, the wily and capricious Sigismund of Luxembourg, Vladislav entered the illustrious Order of the Dragon, sworn to defend Christendom against its enemies, the Ottoman Turks. With his induction, Vladislav also gained his sobriquet—Dracul, meaning the dragon or the devil, dependent on the perspective of a loyal friend or brutal enemy.

In a journey from the land of his birth to the decadent and dangerous royal court of Hungary at Castle Buda, throughout Europe’s oldest medieval cities, and across blood-soaked fields of carnage, Vladislav Dracul must survive the path to power. A road filled with warfare and brutality, deceit and betrayal, culminating in the end to old friendships and holy alliances. Discover the sacrifices Vladislav must make as he pursues his ultimate goal; the protection of his family and the people of Wallachia. Learn more in Order of the Dragon, the first in a series of novels about the real Prince Dracula’s family, the House of Basarab.


Sons of the Dragon (2021) 


Mircea the Bold. Radu the Handsome. Vlad the Confessor. Revered and reviled, each a son of Vlad Dracul, the prince of Wallachia. Each burdened by duty and a legacy of cruelty and betrayal. 


Sultanas: The Anarchy (2022) 


In Sultanas: The Anarchy, a young girl reveals the lives and secrets of some of the most important Sultans and Sultanas who vied to control the last bastion in Islam in medieval Spain.  


At the age of thirteen, a young girl named Leonor enters the glittering but dangerous harem of Granada’s Alhambra Palace. Reborn as Rania, she becomes the devoted concubine and favorite of Sultan Yusuf III. But her lover is under siege, as he has been for most of life.  
The powerful Al-Amin clan, who secured their futures at Yusuf’s court with the offer of a bride, Muna, will not allow Rania to usurp their kinswoman’s place in the sultan’s heart and bed. Yusuf’s grandmother, the compelling Sultana Jazirah seeks to protect the legacy of a long-dead husband against all interference, even that of her own grandson. She has loyal supporters in her only daughter Leila and her grand-daughter Nuzha, the cherished sister of Yusuf.  
Time and again, Rania must choose where her loyalties lie, with her beloved master or the members of his family. When she and Yusuf lose their much-anticipated son, Rania gains a new purpose and resolves to unravel the secrets of the harem. But Yusuf is also hiding secrets of his own, which could tear Granada apart.  

Yusuf’s fate allows Rania to make her choice and take a chance at newfound freedom. But her rising role in the harem is under threat, as rivals for her master’s throne invade the kingdom. Exiled because of her choice, Rania encounters other notable Nasrid figures and important members of the Abencerrage and Bannigash ministerial families, whose destinies will align and clash with hers. As schemes come to light and plots unfurl, Rania must protect Yusuf’s heritage and his remaining heirs against ruthless adversaries and even her own family.  



Lady of Legend (2023) 


The story of Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, a princess of Gwynedd who defended her home against Norman invasions in the 12th century. 


The Falcon and the Faithful (2024) 


Betrayed. Prince Abd al-Rahman flees Damascus with the remnants of his small family after a bloody coup destroys the political power his forefathers have held for generations. 


Hunted. Hot on his trail are the mercenaries of a rival family, who will stop at nothing to kill this last Muslim prince, eliminating the final obstacle in their quest for power. 


Exiled. Leaving behind his beloved son, Abd al-Rahman makes a daring escape across the River Euphrates and journeys across North Africa with only his faithful servant, Bedr 


Abd al-Rahman remains an outcast, his relentless pursuers are never far behind, and their goal remains unchanged. Abd al-Rahman has one chance for survival but at great risk. If he is to live, he must take on the greatest challenge he has ever known, uniting scattered and divided people bound by a faith that still struggles for ascendancy. If he is to establish a new dynasty and reclaim his birthright, he must invade a foreign land under the dominion of new enemies, who do not intend to relinquish power to Abd al-Rahman. 


Domus - The Order (2025) 


Book #1 of the Domus series

The forests of twelfth-century southern France provides the siblings Melisendis and Rohart d'Ansouis with more than a refuge for one night. 

A chance meeting with brothers and sisters of the Order of Saint John also gives Melisendis and Rohart an opportunity to forget their troubled pasts and start anew. Accepted into the Order for their service, the siblings share unexpected adventures in their new home at Trinquetaille. 


Dreaming the Golden Path (2026) 


Musa, the child of Kankou, held no expectations of life. Until a chance meeting offered him the opportunity to walk the golden path, to become Mansa Musa, ruler of the Empire of Mali as his warrior grandfather had done. But even the golden path is fraught with dangers Mansa Musa could never imagine.