Historical Fiction

Order of the Dragon (2019)
Father of Mircea the Martyr, Radu the Handsome and Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul sacrificed everything he held dear for his beloved Wallachia, even his beloved sons.

Sons of the Dragon (2019)
Mircea the Martyr. Radu the Handsome. Revered and reviled, each a son of Vlad Dracul, the prince of Wallachia. Each burdened by duty and a legacy of cruelty and betrayal.

The Falcon and the Faithful (Summer 2020)
Betrayed. Prince Abd al-Rahman flees Damascus with the remnants of his small family after a bloody coup destroys the political power his forefathers have held for generations.

Hunted. Hot on his trail are the mercenaries of a rival family, who will stop at nothing to kill this last Muslim prince, eliminating the final obstacle in their quest for power.

Exiled. Leaving behind his beloved son, Abd al-Rahman makes a daring escape across the River Euphrates and journeys across North Africa with only his faithful servant, Bedr. 

Abd al-Rahman remains an outcast, his relentless pursuers are never far behind, and their goal remains unchanged. Abd al-Rahman has one chance for survival, but at great risk. If he is to live, he must take on the greatest challenge he has ever known, uniting scattered and divided people bound by a faith that still struggles for ascendancy. If he is to establish a new dynasty and reclaim his birthright, he must invade a foreign land under the dominion of new enemies, who do not intend to relinquish power to Abd al-Rahman, "the Falcon of the Faithful".

Lady of Legend (Summer 2021)
The story of Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, a princess of Gwynedd who defended her home against Norman invasions in the 12th century.

Domus - The Order (Summer 2022)
Book #1 of the Domus series. The forests of twelfth-century southern France provides the siblings Melisendis and Rohart d'Ansouis with more than refuge for one night. A chance meeting with brothers and sisters of the Order of Saint John also gives Melisendis and Rohart an opportunity to forget their troubled pasts and start anew. Accepted into the Order for their service, the siblings share unexpected adventures in their new home at Trinquetaille. 

Dreaming the Golden Path (Summer 2023)
Musa, child of Kankou, held no expectations of life. Until a chance meeting offered him the opportunity to walk the golden path, to become Mansa Musa, ruler of the Empire of Mali as his warrior grandfather had done. But even the golden path is fraught with dangers Mansa Musa could never imagine.         

Zoe and Theodora (TBA)
Co-written with author Mirella Patzer